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The Sennin Chemist
Entropy at My Fingertips
Chemists do it on the table periodically.

State of the atom: silly silly

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Hee~that's so clever! Maybe I should try that for my class sometime.

State of the atom: amused amused

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I've been so busy I almost forgot to post pictures of my new kitten!

Her name is Momo. I thought Bou-chan would approve ^^

Arigatou, Yagami-san. She seems to be quite comfortable. In fact she likes to sit on my shoulder and paw at my halo. ^^a

State of the atom: chipper chipper

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I...seem to have a baby ^^a he looks just like Bou-chan, with a halo like mine...

I'm not exactly sure why, but it seems to be happening a lot. Well, no sense in wondering while the baby's hungry ^^v

State of the atom: busy

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This apartment is getting lonely.

I wonder if I should look into adopting a pet.

State of the atom: lonely lonely

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Seventy-three years young today! ^^v

State of the atom: chipper chipper

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It's been rather quiet lately, aside from those laser tag fights in town. It was a bit much for me so I decided against it. It makes it a little difficult to get around though.

Oh, Kurama-san, Kayura-san, thank you again for those new chemicals. I've been getting some rather interesting reactions out of them. And if there is anything I can do for Kurama-san, please let me know.

State of the atom: bored bored

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Looks like I'm going to be spending Christmas alone. I was hoping to go home to visit Mokutaku and the other Juunisen, but the portal has been eluding me. I suppose I'll just stay home with some hot chocolate and a few movies...maybe watch the snow for a while. I never knew it could snow so much here. But then, this is an unusual place ^^;

State of the atom: okay okay

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^^a I seem to have sprouted wings. I guess now I really am an angel.

It makes it a little difficult looking for Christmas presents though.

Oh! And thank you Grinch-san for returning my silverware. I'm not even sure how those bandits got in...
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Name That Element

Naturally ^^v
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